Ryedale Book Festival

Fiction in Malton – 22nd September 2018

10.00 - 11.00: A Romantic Read with Jane Lovering

Jane Lovering discusses the most recent book in her Yorkshire Romance Series The Little Teashop of Horrors.

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12.00 - 1.00: A Pastoral Trilogy with Tim Pears

For fans of historical fiction, local history buffs or anyone who appreciates a beautifully told tale.

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2.00 - 3.00: From Fact to Fiction with Tracy Borman

Tracy Borman discusses her recently published debut novel The King’s Witch and explains why she enjoys having licence to embellish a true story with fictitious detail.

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4.00 - 5.00: Crime Time with Stephen Booth

An introduction of the gripping new crime thriller, Fall Down Dead, set in in the Peak District.

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6.00 - 7.00: Women and Social Media: Sexting, sharing and cyberbullies

An exploration into the challenges of managing an on-line profile and what to do if it spins out of control.

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